1. The game is played on a table with a layout having six hands alternately using two decks of different colors of 52 cards each.

2. The player places their mandatory Ante and Super wagers on their own box. The player may also       place a Multi Super wager on any of the other players’ hands and/or a Dealer Super wager on the      dealer’s hand.

3. After all ANTEs and SUPER wagers have been placed, players and the dealer are dealt five cards, with the dealer’s bottom card facing up. Players view their hands.

4. If a player has a Royal or Straight Flush in their first 5 cards, they immediately win the Instant Cash Payout regardless of whether the dealer subsequently qualifies with Ace-King or The player’s round is then over.

5. If a player has made a SUPER wager where that particular hand is dealt any of the 8 SUPER combinations in the first 5 card hand, then the player’s SUPER wager and any Multi Super wagers are paid according to the SUPER Pay Table.
The player then continues in that round, unless their SUPER combination is also an Instant Cash Payout combination, in which case the player will be paid according to both Pay Tables and their round is then over.

6. After and winning Super wagers are paid, players have the option to Fold, Play, or Draw. To Play, the player places a BET of 2x ANTE The dealer must qualify with an Ace-King or higher to play against the player.
To Draw, the player pays 1x ANTE fee to Buy a 6th Card or Exchange 2-5 Cards. If the Draw option is taken, the player then decides to Fold or Play after evaluating their new hand.

7. The Dealer then opens their cards. If the Dealer’s hand contains a Super combination, any Super wagers on the Dealer’s hand will be paid out immediately. If the Dealer’s hand qualifies with Ace-King or higher, for Players who beat the Dealer, their ANTE is a push and their BET is paid as per the BET Pay Table. Players who lose to the dealer will lose their ANTE and BET wagers.

8. Second Poker Pay Table Combination Payouts: a Player’s winning hand is also paid for any second poker combination contained in their hand, even if the second combination doesn’t beat the Dealer’s combination, provided that at least one card from the second combination is not included in the first winning combination.

9. If the Dealer opens their cards and does not qualify, the Player has the option to “Force Dealer to Try to Qualify” by paying a 1x ANTE fee. By taking this option, the Player has a 2nd chance of the Dealer Qualifying with Ace-King or higher and hence getting paid on their BET wager.

If the Player does elect to “Force Dealer to Try to Qualify”, their ANTE wager will not be paid. Instead, the highest card in the Dealer’s hand will be exchanged for the next card off the deck, creating the second opportunity for the Dealer to qualify with Ace-King or higher. If after the card exchange the Dealer then qualifies, for participating Players who beat the Dealer, their BET is paid according to the Bet Pay Table. If the Dealer still does not qualify after replacing their highest card, the ANTE and BET wagers are a push.