Money Wheel

This is an easy game to play and you can have lots of fun. Just place your bets on the layout in any of the boxes. These boxes correspond to the numbers on the wheel and indicate the payoff rates. Bets must be made before the wheel is spun. The wagers are paid off immediately after the wheel stops on a number. If that number is the one you put your money on, you’re a winner. It’s that simple.

How to play:

  1. Money Wheel is a game played with a large vertical wheel which comprises of 52 segments marked with seven different symbols.
  2. The symbols are allocated to the 52 segments of the Wheel.
  3. Simply give your cash to the dealer to be exchanged for playing chips or cash chips.
  4. The aim is to place your bet(s) on any symbol(s) as reflected on the gaming layout.
  5. The wheel is spun by the dealer and the winning segment is indicated by the clapper, the pointer which rubs against the spokes and slows the wheel down.
  6. The winning bet on the segment indicated wins and will be paid at the odds indicated in the Money Wheel Pay Table.
  7. Don’t forget to change your playing chips for cash when leaving the table.