Texas Hold’em Bonus Progressive Poker:

TEXAS HOLD’EM BONUS POKER is a community card poker game played with a standard 52-card deck. It is a heads-up play against the dealer where there is a bonus bet based on the player’s hole card and there is an optional progressive side bet. The object of the game, for Player and dealer alike, is to make the best five-card poker hand using any combination from their two-card hand (hole card) and the five community cards (board cards).


How to play:

  1. Simply place your bet on the Ante bet to play against the dealer. You can also place an optional bet on the bonus box to play the two-card pay table.
  2. You also have the option to bet on the progressive bet.
  3. After viewing your cards, you have the choice to fold (have your Ante wager forfeited) or to play by placing a wager twice the amount of your Ante wager on the “Flop” box.
  4. When the dealer opens his Flop cards, you can either check (not to bet) or make a Turn bet equivalent to your Ante bet.
  5. After all the players have placed their final bets, the dealer now opens his cards for all to see. At this point, there are now five community cards (all face up) in the center area for all to view and use.
  6. If a Player’s hand value and the Dealer’s hand value are equal, the dealer indicate a “Push” and moves any Flop, Turn or River wagers to the rear of the board and slightly off the betting spot, leaving the Ante wager in place.
  7. If the Player’s hand is lesser in value than the Dealer’s hand, the Dealer takes the Player’s Ante, Flop, Turn, and River wagers and places the losing bets in the chip tray.
  8. If the Player’s hand is greater in value than the Dealer’s hand, the Dealer pays the Ante bet if the player’s hand has a straight or better. Flop, Turn, and River wagers are paid even money (1 to 1). The Bonus wager will be paid last. All winning progressive wagers shall be paid after all bets for that round of play have been settled.
  9. Upon opening the cards, if the player’s two initial cards do not qualify for any bonus payment, the bonus bet shall be collected first to clear the betting area.


Basic Rules to Remember:

  1. There is an optional side bet “Bonus Jackpot” wager where Players compare their hole cards to a posted pay table. The Players need not win in the base game to be paid on the bonus wager, provided the side bet wager was placed prior to any cards being dealt and the Player’s two-card   hand matches one of the payout hands.
  2. The Community cards can be used by the Player or the Dealer at the same time to complete the Player’s hand or the Dealer’s cards. “Playing the Board” shall mean declaring all of five community cards as five-card hand being played and not using the hole cards.
  3. Players may elect to bet on the progressive side wherein all progressive pays are based on five card poker hands. The progressive bet wins if a player has a Flush or better.
  4. The Progressive Jackpot hand will only be achieved when the player’s hole cards are combined with the Flop Cards.


  • Bonus PlaytableUntitled-1_03
  • Progressive PlaytableUntitled-1_06