1. Who is allowed to stay at Quarantine Hotels like Widus Hotel and Casino?

Given the quarantine stay intent, Quarantine Hotels accredited by the DOT are accepting guests under the following categories:

  • Overseas Filipino Workers/Seafarers (OFWs)
  • Overseas Filipinos (OFs)
  • Stranded Passengers
  • Neighboring Workers of Essential Services as defined by the Philippine Government
  • All Filipino citizens whether returning overseas Filipinos or Overseas Filipino Workers will be allowed to return to the Philippines.
  • Guidelines may vary depending on any updates and enhancements from the IATF. Guest may email ( or for further details.
  1. What documents are needed to be shown at check-in?

Widus Hotel and Casino is only acceptingguests that meet all the requirements below prior check in. Bookings are subject to cancellation should guests fail to meet or comply with the requirements:

Mandatory Basic Documents for all guests:

1 Booking confirmation email/voucher
2 Valid Government ID (company and student IDs are not accepted)
3 Latest Medical Certificate stating guests is not identified as a suspected, probable or positive COVID-19 case. A negative RT-PCR test (valid within three days prior check in) is required as per Department of Health standard.


Apart from the above, Corporate Stays, Essential Workers, and Stranded Passengers are also accepted at Widus Hotel and Casino. Below are the documents they need to present upon check-in:

Essential Workers Work ID/Permit, Valid Gov’t ID, Certificate of Employment, Medical Certificate, PRC ID
Stranded travelers Transportation Cancellation Confirmation, Medical Certificate, Valid Government ID


For Stranded Passengers: Transportation Cancellation Confirmation

Those whose domestic or foreign flights or rides have been cancelled and are prevented from leaving a city or place where they do not permanently reside, or have difficulty availing of transportation to their home city or province, due to the implementation of a community quarantine.

  1. What are the accepted payment methods?

Guest may opt to pay the room charges upon check-in. However, to ensure safety and social distancing measures, guests are advised to pay online.

  1. Can guests book a room even without a meal plan?

Yes, guests can avail of room accommodation only. However, bringing in of outside food and delivery items is strictly prohibited.

  1. What kind of food is included in the meal plan? 

The meal plan includes everyday Filipino and Asian Cuisine. Daily Menu may vary.  For further details, guests are requested to contact the

Guest should notify the Front desk should there be any special meal requirement needed.

  1. Can guests extend their stay?

Yes, extension of stay is allowed but is subject to room availability.

  1. Can guests opt for short duration stays?

Guests staying for quarantine purposes are required to book for at least 10 days and 10 nights as mandated by the Department of Health. Additionally, stay extension would be subject to availability.

  1. If a guest receives his test results earlier than his stay duration, would there be a refund? 

Once the negative result is received, guest shall inform the Front Desk via email ( their respective results for validation . Guest will still be required to complete their 10-day quarantine.

  1. What are the recommended number of days for guests to stay during quarantine? 

The recommended stay duration for guests is at least 10 days and 10 nights but they can extend their stay to up to 14 days or more, subject to room availability.

  1. Are the hotels for Quarantine accommodation approved by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine?

Yes, the hotels are approved by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine. Widus Hotel and Casino ensures strict health and sanitation measures for the safety and well-being of its guests.

  1. What are the check-in and check-out timings?

Standard Check-in is at 2:00 PM while standard check-out is at 12:00 noon. Early check-in or late check-out, may be allowed depending on room availability and are subject to additional charge.

  1. What COVID-19 safety measures are being implemented at the accredited Quarantine Hotels?

In our effort to keep hotel guests safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the hotel implements strict preventive measures and protocols including:

  • Personal protection and hygiene reminders;
  • Social Distancing
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Room Occupancy Conditions
  • Personal Protection Measures for Hotel Personnel
  • Guests are expected to observe proper health and safety measures and comply with all appropriate protocols and reportorial requirements issued by government authorities including:
  • Informing Widus Hotel and Casino if guest is subject to any movement or quarantine restrictions;
  • Informing Widus Hotel and Casino and/or proper government health authorities if guest exhibits COVID 19 symptoms;
  • Coordinate with appropriate government authorities when necessary; and
  • Strictly follow other hotel and government directives as may be issued.
  1. Does Widus Hotel and Casino provide taxi/transportation assistance from the airport?

Yes, we can arrange transportation services to and from the airport with corresponding charges.

  1. Will guests be allowed to go out as they wait for their test results during the quarantine stay?

Guests are not allowed to leave their room and are mandated to follow all hotel policies to ensure safety measures.

  1. Can guests cancel their booking before their stay and get refunded?

Guests can cancel their room booking at least 48 hours prior date of arrival.

  1. Are all bookings on a single occupancy basis at Quarantine Hotels? 

* General Rule: Single Occupancy

Exceptions for Quarantine Guests:

  1. Families from the same household travelling together, especially those with minors;
  1. Health and emergency frontline services personnel;
  1. Guests requiring a companion:

18 years old and below; and Persons needing special assistance (e.g., Senior citizens, PWD, with chronic medical illness).

a.) Waiver. For quarantine guests staying as groups or with companions, they shall sign a waiver that in case one of them turns out to be COVID-19 positive, the close contacts shall undergo a 14-day quarantine in the same Quarantine Hotel, or in another Quarantine Hotel if permitted by the BOQ.

b.) Pre-approval by DOH/BOQ. For repatriated OFWs and Returning Overseas Filipinos under quarantine, double or multiple occupancy in rooms shall be pre-approved by the Quarantine Medical Officer (QMO) on duty.

Only one guest is allowed per room in the Philippines. However, there are some exceptions which are subject to Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) approval. Once approved, a waiver will be issued to the guest at the airport and shall be presented at the hotel.

Some exceptions include:

  • One of the two persons is a minor
  • One of the two persons is disabled or not self-reliant in any way
  • One of the two persons is pregnant
  • One of the two persons is a senior citizen
  1. If a guest staying at the hotel is tested positive? What are the safety procedures followed by the hotel? 

In case of a positive result, Houseparent c/o OWWA or BOQ will inform Hotel Front Desk staff on guests with positive RT PCR test results.  BOQ, in turn, will schedule the time of pick-up of the guest/s from the hotel for proper isolation and medication.